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Something I need to tell you

Dear summer friends from all over Europe,

It's the first time I'm using this mail list to get in touch with you
all,of course I've sent certain mails to some of you individually but
now I think it's the time to talk to the whole team.
I wouldn't like to talk much about myself.The truth is I've had a
difficult month in Athens after I got back from Sweden with lot of
problems, but I really don't like to complain about them,after all you
don't have to read "Antoni's unfortunate adventures in Athens".Anyway ,I
hope things will get better.
Back to the point, as you may know our loving friend Zita has moved to
Munich for her phd studies,she's going to stay there for the next six
months.I believe that her first days there are going to be a little
difficult so I think we could do something to support her.Her address in
Munich is:

Zita Szecsenyi-Nagy
Christoph-Probst-Str.8. Zimmer Nummer:910
Munchen 80805

We could send a little something , a real letter for example,to show her
that she's not alone in cold and moody Munchen.I don't know if you agree
with me,but I needed to share this thought with you.I wish we could the
same with Raquel but I haven't had any news from her.
I hope we'll talk again soon and all of you are happy.
Always yours,