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Hi from Munich

Hello everybody,

I arrived on Monday to Munich, I will spend a half
year here as a PhD student. I don`t know exactly what
will be my research topic, but it seems to be not the
task which I`m really interested in.The first two days
were totally caotic for me, I didn`t have any information
where to go to get my room (I have a separate, complete
apartment on the ninth floor of a very high and very ugly
building in Munich, Studentenstadt), who will give me the
money, where is the Institute, I`ll work etc.
I have to register as a student, to have my visa continued,
and to get reduced ticket on the U-Bahn (which is unbelievebly cheaper than 
the adults` ticket) but I can`t do that till I
sign an insurance-contract.
I had to open a bank account, to get my money and to let
the Youth Hostel take the charge from it, but before I'had
to hand in a form with my address to the police. The only
problem was that I didn`t know these things before, and
had to go everywhere two times.
At this time things seem to be a bit less complicated...
I began to forget English, but I can`t speak German yet.
Fortunately an "Orientierungsmonat" is organized for new
students, so I could get acquainted with a some nice foreign
people.A day before yesterday we went to a "Kneipentour"
(Pub rally), and yesterday to Kunstpark Ost, where are many
discos together.

Hope you`re all fine!
Best wishes, Zita
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