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VB: Clothes from Osqvik

Hi forestry-people

The following clothes were found after the sauna party at Osqvik.
A blue XL short-sleeved shirt with the Uppsala coq printed in black saying 
"FUTF F-sektionen Uppsala Tekniska Fysiker"
Three pairs of bathing shoes "slipppers" 1. turqoise and black Brand 
="hayber", 2. purple and black Brand = "nicane sport", 3 String for toe, 
female-type black sole and "korked" surface against the foot. Brand = 
A black "wrinkled-striped" female shirt brand = NAFNAF might be text in 
Greek (or russian?) on the washing label...
A black satin hair-do
A white towel with "Fia med knuff" (table-game) printed on half of the 
A purple towel.
That's all
/Anna Edebo
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