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5th October; fatal day for spanish forestry students

Hi people:
Today it´s a extrange day for forestry students in Madrid, we´ve just 
started the classes this morning!. I think that according our "lazy 
culture", we are the last of you in starting but... everything comes 
soon or later. So that, until now Gianni wasn´t the only one who wasn´t 
really busy.
 I meet all of my spanish partners in the university, unless Pablo, 
everybody know that Pablo is missing in some place in Paris. (Pablo, ya 
que nos resistimos a olvidarnos de ti, podrías escribir algo, o al 
menos dime que tal te va, que tal las francesitas, tu trabajo...)
Tomorrow we are going to meet a danish girl, a friend of Mia who is in 
Madrid in a conference, international experience again, but in our 
city. We tell you later about.
Telling you more things, this morning I´ve seen the pictures of a 
friend who has been working three months in Yellowstone, and I´ve seen 
an autentic Pinus contorta, the most common there. It remind me that I 
should write you. I can remenber all of you and I hope that everybody 
still using the mailing list. I love when I read a lot of english mails 
from some place in Europe.
Florin: Everybody thought that you have forgotten us, but fortunatly it 
wasn´t true. I like very much, hear from you.
Roland: Have you forgotten us? What about your life? Are you still in 
the mailing list? Say hello,I´m fine or somethimg..
Joao: La próxima vez que te escriba lo haré en español, con la 
condición de que tu lo hagas en portugués, así aprendemos nuestras 
lenguas vecinas.
Zita: Hello, what do you do in german?Tell us more things about your 
interesting life
Sofia: Are you rebuilding Atenas? 
Antonios: I hope you and your foot stay ok, your job with machines, 
your studies and your life too.
Aurelian: Hola!! I know about you from Ana, she told me that you was 
thinking in visit Madrid but you haven´t got enough time and money, 
maybe one day not very far from today...
Swedish people: Congratulations for the metal in handball. You win 
spanish team, I´ve seen many sports because of my holydays but they 
finished today.
Jean-Philippe: The war has finished or not? 
Rest of people: I hope you continue writring us

Muchos besos

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