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Hello foresters!

Hello everybody! This is David. How are you? I hope everybody is ok 
despite the fact I havenīt heard from some of you for many days.
      I have been this weekend with my friends in Tarragona (Cataluņa). 
We were in the end of an important river. It is a Natural park because 
it is a wet area and  there are many  birds species. We were also in the 
beach but the wheather wasnīt very warm so we didnīt swim in the beach. 
There were also a lot of Mosquitoes, huge mosquitoes!. I think they were  
even bigger than swedish mosquitoes.   
      Last week the spanish team met in Madrid with a Miaīs friend from 
Copenhaguen. She was here for a course. we showed her Madrid and we ate 
a spanish omelette and drink some sangria. It was nice. Mia and Allan: 
Have you the postcards that we gave her for you?
      Klemen ok, ok, ok! Now you are the slovenian IFSA commisioner. 
Congratulations! How was your trip to Scottland? How are the scottish 
forests? I tried to read the  IFSA website in the internet but I didnīt 
know how to do it. Iīm not a member of Ifsa, so what am I suppose to do? 
Could you send me some information if you knew any information about 
these  international forestry meetings?
      How are the Italian team? FAMI UNA POMPA (Oh! sorry) Giani, Are 
you finally working for  a car company or are you still sleeping 12 
hours per day? Ester, please write to us. Are you already working as a 
design architect.
     Joao, Do you know that this week is the portuguese week in Madrid? 
There are many events with portuguese people such as singers, writters, 
politicians,etc. There are also two buildings in the center of the city 
about portuguese culture. May be, I will visit it.
     Florin, It was great to hear from you. Are you enjoying with your 
favourites southamerican soap operas in TV?. Can you remember your 
favourite sentence "rematar de cabeza"? 
     Antonios are you ready to receive us in Athens 2004? Have you 
forgotten I am your angel keeper? Sofia, this will be a good chance to 
work as an architect (you will have to build modern buildings for the 
Olimpic Games). Have you given up smoking? If so, congratulations, but I 
     Zita, how are you? I hope you have been able to cope with German 
and with all the problems in Munich.
     Well, I should say you goodbye because I want to go home to have 
lunch. I hope to hear more from you.
       Bye! Nos vemos!     

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