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Hallo von Deutschland!

Hey people! I hope you are all doing well.
Finaly I was able to take some minutes and write again for all of you.
So, Zita, how are you surviving to Germany? Es geht? I'm tired of speaking 
german all the time but I love the place I'm staying at. Bielefeld is a nice 
city in the middle of a forest (Teutoburger Wald)... many of you foresters 
would love it too!
I just came from a 4 hours class of intensiv german... a nightmare!
David, dont loose the portuguese week (in Madrid) for nothing in this world, 
your life can change!! And next time you decide to send us an E-mail try to 
change the tittle because we aren't all foresters!! I felt excluded!   :(
Pablo!! I have something that belongs to you... You left Sweden before I had 
the time to give you back your... (I don't know what do people call to 
that... maybe in Spanish is like in Portuguese: colar !?!) ... neckless?! 
Anyway, I have it here with me. Do you want me to send it to you as a 
Christmas present?
Sofia, do you know that now I've got a lot of friends from Greece? There are 
10 greek girls doing one year of Erasmus also here in Bielefeld. They are 
all very nice and have funny family names just as you and Antonios (you 
see?... Papadakis, Tsoutsoulopoulou...), it's great!!
Antonios you were so sweet to Zita! You are special, indeed! I think it's 
very sweet of you to worry that much with others. I'll try to write her as 
soon as possible! And, as for you... next time let us help you too. If you 
have any problem, you can count with your friends arround the world (We are 
paid for that!!).    :))
Mia, now it's your turn! Did you get my mail? Say something! When can I go 
to Copenhagen??
But, of course, has I've promissed... my next trip will be to Slovenia. Is 
everything O.K. with you Mariana? You didn't say anything for a long, long 
Well Mr. Klemen, you know I won't write much for you here... you will have 
the right to a privat e-mail one of these days! Now that you are an 
important person I think I'd better treat you well!!   :p
Csilla, did you get my postcard before your birthday? I's been a long time 
now since we "heard" something from you!
Jean Philippe... I loved the idea of the civil war! What a great way of 
spending time! I also have a lot of crazy french friends studying here! They 
are the funnyest (does this word exist?) people I've ever met. Franck also 
did an Erasmus in Germany, didn't he?
Roland! Can you give me some german lessons through the computer?! How are 
you doing? Say something!
Rodrigo mi amigo! Are you surviving without a Guardian Angel? Well...  I've 
had better days before...now, an Angel here would be good!
Quanto a ti, Joao, fica prometido um e-mail em português. O facto de sermos 
compatriotas tem que ter as suas contrapartidas! Que tal o técnico? Essa 
fabrica de profissionais? Estao a conseguir moldar-te? Oferece 
This is so great, I'm remembering everybody as if you were all here! Hello 
Florin! It was nice to hear from you! Good work and try to respect nature... 
please! Just a litle bit at least! Don't kill many animals, let them kill 
themselves - that's natural selection! The strongers survive, believe me! 
And, by the way, I'm not quite sure of what did you mean when you wrote that 
I was like a "burning tourch"!? I'll take it as a complement!?!    :S
No, I'm not forgeting anyone! I still want to say "Hi!" to Anna (you can 
write to us in polish! But do it!), to Andrea (I want to go to Praha very 
soon! Does that have anything to do with where you live? My  geography is a 
complet disaster! What did you mean with all that story of the different 
languages in your last mail??), to Ester ( Latin Spirit! You should take a 
look to the italians-Erasmus we have here!! OH MAMA MIA!), to Ana (I always 
like to read your e-mails, they are so... I dont't know how to explain it, 
but it looks like you're there in front  of us speaking, personaly! But that 
must be some kind of spanish quality because you are all very honest... you 
say what you think! Like when Elena sayd that Anna Hakansson has a very 
special kind of humour! That was fun! Because she does have it, no doubt! 
She is great, but we take a litle time to understand when she is joking and 
when she is serious), to Elena and LAST BUT NOT LEAST... to our MACHO 
LATINO! Giani!! If you are on permanent vacations why dont't you write to us 
more often? It's so great to "hear" you sometimes talking about the pennis 
contorta or your ladys or... whatever! Good luck with the jobs, we are with 
I'm glad I could meet all of you! I'm sorry  I didn't say anything to the 
sweddish people and Allan, and Frederik, and Aurelian... but I'm sure you 
know you were all great (that's why this list is stil alive and that's why 
we got a lot of friends from all over Europe; because you did a GREAT job!). 
ThankYou so much, once again!
My new address is:     Raquel Hüttel Heleno
                        Morgenbreede, 29
                        App. 219
                        33615 Bielefeld
                        - Germany -.
And It would make my day to get a letter from any of you!

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