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How do you do?

Hello europeans students of technology (or whatever you are). I have 
read your last e-mails and that makes me feel that we are still together 
,as Raquel said (mi amiga, now my life is a disaster, angel I need you 
back!!). Well, tomorrow we (people from Madrid) have an appointment with 
the LBG in Madrid, they are going to tell us this year's activities and 
so on. I guess they will try to get us in the LBG, and...who knows? May 
be we will become organizers. Actually, a friend of mine who were in the 
Brussels summercourse, is thinking about joining to Madrid LBG, and she 
is all the time saying "please come with me to the LBG". I don't know, 
may be she will convince me at last.
It seems that Germany is getting crowded, Zita, Raquel and all her new 
friends from Greece, Italy...anywhere. Isn't there any Spaniard? I can't 
believe it, you can find us everywhere!. What about you Franck? are you 
still in Karlsrhue?. One question for Zita and Raquel: is German 
language as dificult as it seems. I hope not. Not for you, clever and 
fearless girls. 
Florin! be careful with your gun. I was surprised when I read that you 
had a gun. What kind of country is Romania, is it like USA or what?. And 
try to relax with your work. You work for a living, don't live for 
working. And don't forget to close the window at night, now Gianluca 
cannot complain about it.
Swedish people, you must be very busy, I guess since you are not 
writing, anyway it would be nice to hear from you. Don't allow the 
sadness to come along with the fucking darkness of the winter, no way. 
Summer is coming again very soon. And if you still think summer is not 
so near, just come here to Spain (today it was really sunny and warm).
AAAGH!!, it is too late. I have to go, so good bye. Adios.

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