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just to say I'm still alive

Hello people around Europe!!

Sorry for not having written for so long but I was really busy (it's not a 
proper excuse but don't kill me for it). I have just came home from Brussel. I 
went there with people from LBG Ljubljana on a cultural exchange. It really 
seams that once you start meeting people from all around there is no stop to 
Brussel, Bruge and Antwerpen are really nice cities. I haven't had the chance 
to wisit Gent (Frederics town) but I have met him. He is still good old always 
smiling himself. 
So Frederick thank you again for finding the time to wisit us in Brussel for 
the spaghetti dinner.
Raquel, Mia and Andrea: wait for some mails really soon, I promise I'll write.
I am so tired now as I have spent 20 hours on the train without sleeping and 
all I can see is my cosy bed. 
Sweet dreams to everybody and good night!

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