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Hello everybody!

How are you doing? It's nice to "hear" news from you. I'm OK! I started 
school few weeks ago and now I can say I'm quite busy (during weekdays at 
least!). I have one last exam to do this February and off course my diplom 
thesis, which I haven't started yet but I'm working on it. Hopefully I will 
finish in summer!

I'm happy to say that last weekend I saw some of you here in Athens! There 
was a workshop of BEST here that many members of different LBGs attended. I' 
m not a member, so I didn't(!) but I did go to a party and I met: Frederik, 
Esa, Anna H., Antonis, Tobias and Andrea(the italian).
It was nice to see you again!

In fact I hope to see all of you some day in the future!
Take care and enjoy yourselves as much as you can and...
don't forget to smile!  :-)

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