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Ciao ragazzi!

Dear all,
thanks for the e-mail you sent, I'm sorry of being in late with this 
letter but I hope you will not be angry to receive it so late. I hope 
your fine and that you are successful and happy with your University 
studies and parties!
 Anyway, let's speak about what's happening to me in the last three 
weeks: I was recruited by FIAT in the group called "Motor Design" after 
three interviews and a medical test to check the health status of their 
future employer!!!
I'll start working on November 13th but I've to stay in Turin (where is 
located the company) few days before this date in order to find an 
apartment where to live and where to receive my friends… just in case 
of a visit there.
I hope that the job will be as exciting as they told me during the 
interviews otherwise there will be not a reason to move from the 
capital to a foggy place like Turin is!!!
I'm spending the rest of my holidays playing football, sleeping and, 
until the day after tomorrow, just parting with all the guests that now 
are here in Rome for the BEST Trilateral Exchange  between Rome, 
Copenaghen  and Crachov. Even if I'm moving from Rome I hope there will 
be the possibility to meet again because I keep a very good memory of 
you. Let me know of your life and keep in touch! 
Love Gianni

To Florin: I remember your face in the early morning and your way to 
let me sing the stupid Italian songs that you listen in your country, 
like: "Non mi annoio" or "Sono un Italiano"!
To Zita: I really hope that you fit there in Germany and I hope to 
visit you soon!
To Antonios: If there will be another match between Olympiakos and 
Juventus, you have the place where to sleep… hoping there will be room 
enough!!! I'll support Olympiakos, don't worry.
To Rodrigo: Spain and Europe need people like you to teach to different 
cultures how to live together!   
To Ester: see ya soon.
To Anna Edebo: Congratulations!!!
To Anna Karin: :) 
To all the girls: I miss your smile!