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Message from David, Spanish foresters are joining LBG Madrid!

Hi all smart and interesting people from the SC,

David sent us something that the server refused as I guess the 
attached file was too big. I am sorry David, maybe you can send it 
individually to all of us. Remember not to send files larger than 100 
Kbyte to the list cause they just get stucked with me as something 
inunderstandable. Here is what was left of the message

Subject: Hello foresters, biologists, architects, etc

Hello everybody! How are you? I hope that this time Raquel don't feel 
excluded because I have changed the tittle. I said foresters because all of us 
have now a good command in forestry. Any way I have to tell that on Friday 
we (Rodrigo and me) were with Madrid LBG. We went out at nigth with 
other organizers from all over Europe. We were with Andrea can you 
remember him? (the Italian guy who was in Stockholm at the beginning of the 
course). He showed us some extra-official photos from Gianluca. What's that 
Giani? Why are you wearing a bra?
   Allan now I know the Madrid BEST group. They are very funny but also a 
bit crazy. But please you have to tell us why they called you  the "gas-man". 
Rodrigo and me are trying to join them and so we have another meeting next 
Friday. Now we know Marta Isabel Mara FernandoMiguel. Anders can you 
remember them?
  Well ok I'll write you more later. I am in a hurry. Bye!

Here is me again, Anna...
I just want to tell you that I think of you often and that we finally yesterday 
send the diploma to Csilla. Pablo, you still have something to do...
We have also sent the thankyou cards to all the involved companies and 
people that made the course so fantastic.

At the moment a french couple, one from LBG Ensta, Vincentin, is living in 
my apartment. We went to Rindö yesterday and had dinner with my sister. 
My parents are away on vacation. Today they are going to explore the 
archipelago on a boat and maybe go to the VASA-museum in the afternoon.

I hope everyones studies are going well especially over there in Germany.
BEST wishes 

Yesterday is History, 
Tomorrow is a Mystery and 
Today is a gift: 
that's why we call it 
"The Present"
Anna Edebo
Bäckgårdsvägen 36 4tr
143 42 Vårby

08-612 53 07
0708-15 94 87