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	Europe. I have to answer to some of your questions:
RAQUEL -yes it was a compliment, something about your
Latin passion that you express in front of all of as.
About not killing many animals: we already have this
conversation and your point of view was strictly an
ecological one .I understand and respect your p. of v.
but I want to remain you mine: the genetical quality
of a population is decreasing if you don't interfere
by eliminate the weak males (only if the number of
males is to high and the sex ratio is not respected)-
this is called hunting management and it is a science
not the result of a mad imagination or a cruel mind .
RODRIGO-since I told you that I am hunter of course I
have a gun; and Romania is a free country: way you are
so amazed that the people have the right to have guns
(to hunt or protect themselves)? Of course is not so
easy to obtain one: for example I have to pass a very
difficult exam to obtain the hunting licence
(difficult for a ordinary people with no knowledge
about wild life or hunting and for a Forester the exam
was compeering with the exam for the Hunting Course). 

Best wishes,

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