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Thank you!

Hi folks!

I've been quite absent on this list, and I'm sorry about that... guess I
really don't have much time :-(

I am reading the mailing list on the Stockholm website, however... even if
it's not so frequently..., I think I read all the archived mails :-)

The reason that I'm writing now, is that, at the PM in Hungary, I received
from AnnaKarin the little booklet that you were writing for me... if it
would fit in my wallet, I would keep it with me always :-) it's very
heart-warming to read all the nice comments you all wrote down, and it
felt (and feels) very good to read in it :-)) 

So... I really had to say **THANK YOU** for this beautiful gift :-)

I'm really sorry that I couldn't stay till the end, but you know that
already... I'm also really sorry that we live each in these distant
corners of Europe, so that it is difficult to keep these tight bonds as
they were in the SC... But I hope to meet some of you (as I already
did) again... and I shouldn't talk only for myself :-) I hope you'll all
meet somewhere, and make sure that at least you don't lose track of each
other, and don't miss the opportunity to meet when you're in the same
region! :-)

On that note... I'll be in Rome next week, and in Aachen the week
after... and in Canada in January :-) if anybody is near... let me know

You are all beautiful people! Hugs to all of you!