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Hi from Munich once more

Hi everybody!

I'm sorry I didn't write you for a long, I had a lot to do - not to work or 
study but a lot of other programs here in Bavaria.
At this time I'm sitting in the Institute where I supposed to work, but I 
have to confess I don't work really hard. (And that's not only my fault.) 
So, I'm the only enthusiastic person for the topic, which could be very 
interesting if I knew what to to do, and how to research, but my colleagues 
have hardly sparetime for me to explain the methods what I should apply.
That's why I didn't spend much time in the Insitute in the last two month, 
instead I went on a lot of excursions on the countryside, enjoyed the 
beautiful landscape etc.
In October I had also a lot of party with other foreign students. At this 
time they are a bit busier, because everybody has to study, and prepare for 
some exams. (Except for me)

Hey, Anna H., as far as I remember, you wrote that you come to Munich in 
November!!??? November is almost finished, when will you arrive?

Ana M. you told that you have a friend here with a scholarship, who would be 
interesting to visit, don't you intend to do it indeed?

Anybody who would like to come to see the capital of Bavaria, here is my 
mobil-number: +491793750918

Ciao, Adios, see you soon...Zita
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