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Rodrigo is back

    Hello friends, I am Rodrigo. I guess all of you are very busy. You may have some exams, like I have. Don't you?
    The truth is that I have to study but I have spent the whole day studying, and I am really tired. May be tomorrow I will continue, I have had enough for today.
    May be you don't recognize this e-mail address (montesrodri@yahoo.es) I think that this is my first e-mail from this address. Well, you should forget my old address and prompt this new one if you want to contact me. I already have subscribed to this list with this address.
    I haven't heard of you since some days. I guess everything goes OK for you. What are you doing? Gianni, are you still alive? are you in Torino or where? and you Anna Edebo, are you still the president? Will I see you in Madrid in the next President's Meeting ' 01? Rachel, Zita, still in Germany? How are you?. Say something.
    I am very good, but missing to have more free time. I am looking forward to reaching the summer.
    In Madrid LBG we are preparing the spring course (numerical analysis by computer) and the summer course (about computer science, hardware or something). May be you are interested. I am sure that you will enjoy very much if you come.  
    I have to sleep so...Hejda.