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time to meet again

    Hello friends.
    Yes, I know that now we have lots of exams to do, actually I don't know what I am doing mailing, I should be studying.
    But I took just one moment to tell you that some weeks ago I met again with some people from the summer course.
    The first was Allan who was in Madrid where he had to meet with many people. Elena, David and me spent a day with him, Allan did you like the "Casa de Campo"? it is not a good place to go (by night) I wonder why did you go there?, remember it was hot? well, now it is terribly hot, we are boiling. Now it is me the one who would like to be in your country.
    And a couple of days after that I was In Coimbra where I could share a moment (too short) at night with Raquel, just to check wether she could manage without her angel keeper or not. She told me that everything was OK. I was there in the iberic meeting that took place in Coimbra during the "Queima das fitas" a huge party that turns the whole city upside down (Briosa!!). That party is made for and by students (like BEST), but you have to see it, it is not the same if I tell you.
    The next meeting could be Florin during the summer.
    Those were my direct meetings, I had another indirect meeting, it was Jean Philippe and Zita who met in Thesaloniki with some friends of mine (from Madrid and Thesaloniki).
    Now we are very busy preparing the SC here in Madrid that will start in 1st July. It is a pity that no one of you are coming to this course. But anyway if some of you are coming to Madrid for anything, mail me!, it would be nice to see you again.
    Before saying bye, here you have a proposal: many of us have exams to do, so it is time for the working people to give a little life to this list. Don't you think? So, come on! we want some news from you, Florin, Gianluca, Ester,...somebody else has finished the degree?
    Well, back to the books. See you.
    Hej da.