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after summer hollidays

               Hi friends ,
    I'm writting you after my holiday - very hot one
on the Black Sea Coast in a small town for students .
   It was nice and relaxing.So Rodrigo probably not
only you in southern EU had a hot summer -and let's
wait for news from North!
   So what is new about me :I changed my job- after 13
month as a forester engineer in charge with
afforestation I received an offer in forestry
management (which in our country is part of reserch).
  There are  2 weeks since I am forest manager(it
sounds funny in English!) which is a lot more
interesting : a lot a field work and much more complex
paper work.
  My boss is interested in wild life research projects
and he asked me to ask my Spanish friends if they are
interested in cooperate.For the start we are beginning
with a project about repopulating arias with pheasant
and if all goes well we will try another with
bustard(Otis tarda)-here we will need a little help
because there are no other research projects in
Romania about breeding this bird.Bustard is vanish
from our country and we will try to repopulate it and
after my knowledge in Spain there is a strong
population.So my friends if you are interested give me
a sign,but for the start please let me know if you
have any nurseries in Spain if you tried to breed it
in captivity.
  Please have fun until you are still students,and

                      ALL MY BEST!

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