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Re: after summer hollidays

Hello, all you nice people!

I hope you all had excellent vacations are ready to start a brand new
year of study or work (for the unfortunate ones like me).
I am still working on my final project that I want to finish next week
- then I'll become an engineer! - but I took 3 marvellous weeks vacations
in August. 
I went with friends for a little journey and stayed at friends homes in
Wien, Prague and Paris and then I relaxed a bit in my country (alone), in
the mountains of the Northeast. Wien is beautiful and organised, you can
(and I did) ride a bike through all the city, swimm in the Danube, visit
huge museums with lots of Klimt and Schiele in them but for those who like
music choose a month other than August - everybody's in vacations. Prague
is far more cozy than Wien, it has a human scale and it's pretty,
friendly, medieval and very beautiful. Sometimes it seams like a very big 
doll's house, and yes, the czech women are very pretty. Paris, well,
everybody knows how it is. When I came back home I just ride my bike,
slept on the grass and enjoyed nice iberic hot weather, for a change. I
went to a kind of festival of traditional music & dance,called Andancas,
in the midle of the woods that was really excellent. Lots of european
music and party. The concert I liked the most was from a russian band,
they were really few but they made an awful lot of noise and on the
groundfloor you could only see movement, it was as if people were
possessed, but there was no drugs nor alcohol (well, ahm...) and the
atmosphere was really cool. Then I came back to Lisbon and got sick. I
think I'm allergic to work. ;-)

I'll restart working now.
Bye and have as much fun as you can!
I miss you, nice people and beautiful ladies.
Um abraco para todos,