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Hello everybody

Hello people!

Anna, my guardian angel, I must tell you it was very nice to see your
friendly face once again. By the way, I did get to class on time, that
night. It would have been nice to talk to you a while longer, though.

The rest of you, beautiful nice girls and ... men, I can only say
Good Luck to you all and it would be nice to meet you again somewhere.

Well, about me. I'm an engineer now! I finished my studies and am
currently unemployed. I did some vacations to celebrate in Cabo Verde, a
very special place by all standards. Back to Europe it's been cold and
more or less dry (though what we call cold (around 0 degrees) is probably
quite warm for Swedes). 

I wish you all a happy new year and fabulous lives, whatever you're doing

Um feliz ano novo para todos!