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Hi dear friends ,I wish you a Happy New Year!
I hope you spend a wonderful time in holiday .Mine is
over and I have to recognize that it was great and
short .I spent it at Vatra Dornei -a small mountain
spa -and at a cousin of mine. My cousin ask my to
contact you all with a interesting proposition .
He has a lot of spear time and he use it with small
businesses .As he explain me there is a great
opportunity (after 1st January when visas for Western
Europe does not exist for as any more ) : you can earn
a lot of money offering jobs in Europe .The profit
comes from the fact that Romanian workers are more
then satisfied with minimum salary and they are ready
to pay big money for getting this job. Basically the
business consist in a contract between a recruiting
firm from a Europe and my cousinís .The idea is used
by great corporations who use chip work force to
produce expensive products . My cousin said that first
firms appeared in this area are making big money with
workers from constructions , tourism ,etc.
The second idea is about tourism : he wants to
organize chip trips from Europe to Romania especially
for young people .He wants to show Romanian castles
,for those who are interested in Dracula myth
,Romanian Carpathians that are very beautiful etc.
.For this business he needs to attract the interest of
a potential investor in order to buy or borrow some
modern buses .
So ,if you are interested ,or your friends are contact
me .
Being my cousins wish to help him in this meter I want
not to let him down so thatís why I probably bored you
with this .


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