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Re: for better ipv6 support

>> 	I'm okay with /usr/bin/install, but anyway Makefile.in needs some
>> 	fix, as INSTALL_DATA has -o and -g in some systems.
>I'm confused.  Where does that value of INSTALL_DATA `/usr/bin/install
>-o bin -g bin' come from?  It's not set to that value in any of the
>heimdal files so it must be set to that value in some system file.
>The only place where I can found INSTALL_DATA being set on FreeBSD
>it's in /usr/share/mk/bsd.port.mk.  Where do you include that file?  I
>assume that you're using BSD make, is that right?

	You are right!  I'm writing FreeBSD port for heimdal, and it
	invoked configure as
		% env INSTALL="/usr/bin/install -o bin -g bin" ./configure
	by default.  Sorry for the confusion, and please ignore patch-aa
	I sent.  It is a local problem in FreeBSD port...