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Re: More RH Linux 5.1 problems

Keith Burdis <keith@rucus.ru.ac.za> writes:

>   I am having some problems running many of the programs supplied with
>   Heimdal on my Linux (Red Hat 5.1) box.

>     [root@yoda libexec]# /usr/heimdal/libexec/kadmind
>     [root@yoda libexec]# /usr/heimdal/libexec/telnetd -L /bin/login
>     [root@yoda libexec]# /usr/heimdal/libexec/ftpd
>     [root@yoda libexec]# /usr/heimdal/libexec/rshd
>     [root@yoda libexec]# /usr/heimdal/libexec/popper

All of these programs expects to be started by inetd, where
std{in,out,err} is bound to a socket.

>     [root@yoda sbin]# ./ktutil list
>     Version  Type    Principal
>      1   des     host/yoda.cs.ru.ac.za@CS.RU.AC.ZA
>      1   des3    host/yoda.cs.ru.ac.za@CS.RU.AC.ZA
>      1   des     keith@CS.RU.AC.ZA
>      1   des3    keith@CS.RU.AC.ZA
>     [root@yoda sbin]#

You need a `kadmin/changepw' service key in /etc/krb5.keytab on the
machine running the kpasswdd. You shouldn't store *your* key in the

The documentation is less than optimal.