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More RH Linux 5.1 problems


  I am having some problems running many of the programs supplied with
  Heimdal on my Linux (Red Hat 5.1) box.

  OS			: Linux (Red Hat 5.1)
  kernel version	: 2.0.34
  processor		: i586 (Pentium 200)
  libc			: glibc-2.0.7
  compiler		: gcc
  heimdal		: heimdal-0.0r

  Here are the programs I ran and the error messages I got:

    [root@yoda libexec]# /usr/heimdal/libexec/kadmind

    syslog: Jun 29 10:06:30 yoda kadmind[21625]: krb5_recvauth: Socket
    operation on non-socket
    [root@yoda libexec]# /usr/heimdal/libexec/telnetd -L /bin/login
    /usr/heimdal/libexec/telnetd: getpeername: Socket operation on non-socket
    [root@yoda libexec]#
    [root@yoda libexec]# /usr/heimdal/libexec/ftpd

    syslog: Jun 29 10:58:49 yoda ftpd[21769]: getpeername (./ftpd): Socket
    operation on non-socket
    [root@yoda libexec]# /usr/heimdal/libexec/rshd

    syslog: Jun 29 11:01:04 yoda rshd[21776]: getsockname: Socket operation on

  As you can see kadmind, telnetd, ftpd and rshd all complain about
  operations being performed on a non-socket.

  popper gives a slightly different error.

    [root@yoda libexec]# /usr/heimdal/libexec/popper

    syslog: Jun 29 10:54:11 yoda popper[21750]: Unable to obtain socket and
    address of client, err = 88

  kdc seems to run fine, as does kinit and kauth. Basically I can obtain a
  tgt as a normal user and authenticate myself. kpasswd runs okay, but I don't 
  seem to be able to change my password as a normal user.

    [keith@yoda doc]$ /usr/heimdal/bin/kpasswd
    keith@CS.RU.AC.ZA's Password:
    New password:
    Verifying password - New password:
    rd_req failed
    [keith@yoda doc]$

    syslog: Jun 29 11:19:15 yoda kpasswdd[21755]: krb5_rd_req: Key table
    entry not found

  But, ktutil shows that my key is there, I think:

    [root@yoda sbin]# ./ktutil list
    Version  Type    Principal
     1   des     host/yoda.cs.ru.ac.za@CS.RU.AC.ZA
     1   des3    host/yoda.cs.ru.ac.za@CS.RU.AC.ZA
     1   des     keith@CS.RU.AC.ZA
     1   des3    keith@CS.RU.AC.ZA
    [root@yoda sbin]#

  which I added using, "ext keith" in kadmin. I can change the password fine
  using kadmin. I presume it must have something to do with privileges and
  attributes, but I can't figure out how they work.

  Has anyone got Heimdal working on RH Linux 5.1? 

  I've read through most of the documentation in the doc directory (Well, not
  ALL of the rfcs :) and I can't seem to find any information that can help
  me sort out my problems. If there is any such documentation available
  please let me know where to get it. Once I get the system up and running
  I'll write a HOWTO explaining how to do it, which should hopefully make it
  easier for the other Linux users. Even if you can only provide rough notes
  that will be useful. I understand that heimdal is still in pre-release, but
  I'd like to help with documenting its usage.


    - Keith
Keith Burdis - MSc (Com Sci) - Rhodes University, South Africa  
Email   : keith@rucus.ru.ac.za
WWW     : http://www.rucus.ru.ac.za/~keith/
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