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Re: Linux strtok_r problem

Keith Burdis <keith@rucus.ru.ac.za> writes:
>   After much searching I found that there is a problem with 
>   the version of strtok_r shipped with the system. 

Thanks for the bug report.

>   The configure script finds the system strtok_r and uses it.

Yes.  For this to work automatically we need a way of testing if the
system-supplied strtok_r doesn't work properly or what we're doing
wrong in calling strtok_r.

>   I'm using glibc-devel-2.0.7-13 which is what shipped with RedHat 5.1. There
>   may be a newer version that fixes this problem.

We need to found out if there was a bug in that version and if it has
been fixed.