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Re: Heimdahl Kerberos V5 / DCE interoperability

Jim Doyle <jrd@bu.edu> writes:
> However, Heimdahl cant presently understand how to traverse
> a credentials cache that has been constructed by DCE 1.1 - (Krb5Beta2)
> jrd@buitz$ dce_login jrd
> Enter Password: 
> jrd@buitz$ cd heimdal-0.0t/kuser/
> jrd@buitz$ ./klist 
> klist: krb5_cc_get_principal: Unsupported credentials cache format version number

That shouldn't be hard to fix once we know how that format looks
like.  Could you start by making fcache.c:init_fcc() behave like it
knows about whatever tag you get as well and see if the contents looks