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Re: Missing file


Our intention with this pam_krb5 module is actually to
build it up by using your Heimdal, as I mentioned, and to study
how the pam-module works in general.

I'm using Naomaru Itoi's Red Hat Linux module pam_krb5-1.0-1
from the web
and we are going to look at how we can use the module
(if it works fine for oss ;-) ) for Windows NT then.

I also found a corresponding module ported by Curtis King
from Naomaru's module for Solaris 2.6. It can be downloaded
Actually, I have exactly the same problem there (missing file).

Later, we would like to use pam_krb5 under DCE.

Best regards,

Maria Pazsit     System Developer    The Chips Project
Chalmers University of Technology    www.chips.chalmers.se