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heimdal & C++

  when trying to create some C++ class library using Heimdal I found the
following problem: the C++ keyword 'delete' is used in file hdb.h in 
definition of struct HDB as an identifier and my compiler (SGI C++ and
gcc-2.8.1 as well) complains about it. Would it be possible, for the
sake of portability, not to use C++ keywords in the C source? (My
workaround uses #define, but that's not the solution.) 

Thank you very much,

best regards,

Michal Vocu

Michal Vocu			Supercomputing Centre
e-mail: michal@cuni.cz		Charles University
phone: +420 2 244 91 809	Ovocny trh 3
fax:   +420 2 244 91 594	116 36 Praha 1
				Czech Republic