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Re: Missing file

Yep, that patch did the trick for me aswell. Thanx. My hacked pam 
module (essentially) works for su now. I will try the other stuff 
out before posting something on this list. BTW, there are quite a 
few patches qd up now (cross auth, verify, rsh, ftpd, fwd creds for
ssh). Another snap would not be wholly uncalled for in the not too
distant future ;-) The final checkout of heimdal-ssh is waitig for
some of these patches to go into a snapshot. I also have patches 
for pine+imapd waiting in the wings...

	MVH leifj

Leif Johansson				Phone: +46 8 164541		
Department of Mathematics		Fax  : +46 8 6126717		
Stockholm University 			email: leifj@matematik.su.se 	

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