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Re: cvs and heimdal

Brian A May <bmay@dgs.monash.edu.au> writes:
> Hello,


> Has anyone got CVS GSSAPI support to work with heimdal?

Yes, I played with it when I initially got cvs to build with our
gssapi library.  Now I had another go with 0.1h and it seems to work

datan:>cvs -a -x -d :gserver:`hostname`:/tmp/cvsroot history
O 07/24 03:17 +0000 assar foobar =foobar= <remote>/*

Sorry to sound some Microsoft-like here, but can you grab 0.1h and see
if it then works for you?  Something could have gotten broken
somewhere and I can't say I fancy going and looking for exactly where
it broke.  If it doesn't work for you with 0.1h we will try to sort
that problem out.  Thanks.