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Re: K5 configuation problem?

Alexey Melnikov <Alexey.Melnikov@MessagingDirect.com> writes:
> I've used:
> in kadmin:
> >ank -p Abcdef imap@host.esys.ca
> It seems that it sets [disallow-svr, disallow-proxiable, disallow-renewable, disallow-forwa
> rdable, disallow-postdated] by default. Does that works as it was 
> intended?

Yes, kind of.  The idea is that when you're creating principals for
users you might want to set the password, and you should not be able
to use users as servers.

> I've tried
> >ank -r imap@host.esys.ca

This is the recommended way of adding servers, because there the key
doesn't need to map to any known password and then we might as well
randomize it.