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Re: FTP and TELNET daemons as non root on OSF/1.

On 16 Aug, Brian A May wrote:
|  It would be nice if I could run my own telnet daemon without bothering
|  root about it (if that were possible), however, I think there are more
|  important issues to worry about in Heimdal right now.

I think you could only do that if you arranged for a program other than
login to be run; at minimum, a Kerberized connection would attempt to
run "login -f", which is only legal when run by root.  (ptys might or
might not be a problem:  on systems using System V / POSIX ptys, there
is generally a small setuid-root program that is invoked by grantpt()
to deal with pty access.)

My guess about the corrupted characters is that for some reason
tc[gs]etattr() failed and you got scrambled settings on the pty:  on at
least some System V-derived systems, that can result in a character
size of 5 bits (!).

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