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Re: Heimdal and telnet and encoding types

Jacques Vidrine <n@nectar.com> writes:
> > The telnet client actually tries to fetch credentials with keytype
> > DES, that is any of the des-* enctypes, which means that whatever you
> > have specified with `[libdefaults] default_etypes =' in /etc/krb5.conf
> > doesn't apply.  
> Sounds like telnet needs to be configurable in this manner to me.

I've added code that should be able to handle this for you.  Apart
from the already known `[libdefaults]default_etypes' knob which
controls what etypes are requested when getting a tkt, there's no a
configuration variable `[libdefaults]default_etypes_des' for
controlling what kind of des-* enctypes are requested when the
application (such as telnet) requests a credential of type DES.

So, try grabbing 0.2d, adding `[libdefaults]default_etypes_des =
des-cbc-crc' to /etc/krb5.conf and run telnet.