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Re: when heimdal use 3des ?

Fabrizio Manfredi <vipi@fastflowsrl.com> writes:
> i 'd like to know how the 3des is used in heimdal 
> can i force crypt connection (exp telnet ) to use 
> 3des instead a 56bit key ?

Basically when the client requests it and the server has a 3des key.
telnet is a case where the protocol uses just a single-DES key and
therefore the telnet client explicitly requests a 1DES credential.

> Exist a client for heimdal under winXX as krb4 ?
> or i can use the krb4 under win ...

Heimdal is buildable with cygwin under win*.  The GUI-version of
telnet (ktelnet) currently only works with krb4.  But heimdal also
acts a krb4 KDC and all the clients and servers support both