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Man pages with heimdal

  i installed heimdal(0.2d) on hpux (10.20). i viewed some of the man
pages that came with the software (after doing 
there seems to be something wrong with these pages.
  e.g. man klist gives following result.
#man klist
list the current tickets reads and displays  the  current  tickets  in  the
crential  cache  (also  knows as the ticket file).  Options supported: Test
for there being an active and valid TGT for the local realm of the user  in
the  credential  cache.   Verbose  output.  Include  all  information  from

  what could be the problem?

also is there any sample code available for writing client and server using
heimdal api ? or at least the documentation on the net for using api?
i've ordered for the book on kerberos, but it'll take some time.


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