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Re: Man pages with heimdal

"Ashish Deshpande" <ashish_deshpande@hotmail.com> writes:

> there seems to be something wrong with these pages.

This is because some of (most actually) these pages are using the
`mandoc' macro package instead of the traditional `man' package.

What you have to do is either to train your man program how to format
such pages (and I don't know how hard that would be on an HP machie),
or to preformat them with something that can handle them (such as GNU
groff). I guess we have to start preformatting them ourselves before
making a distrubution.

> also is there any sample code available for writing client and
> server using heimdal api ? or at least the documentation on the net
> for using api?

We haven't written any API documentation ourselves, but it mostly
follows the MIT API, and you can get documentaion for that from
various places, such as:


You can find test applications in the appl/test directory, I'm afraid
they're not very well commented, though.