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Re: Pleeeeease Help!!

Szabo Szabolcs <szesz@andromeda.aszi.sztaki.hu> writes:

>  Please somebody write me a CISCO router configuration example, because
>  the heimdal.info too short..

Yes, it's more like some notes I scribbled down when I did this. We
don't have any CISCO routers, so I can't verify that this will work at
all with newer software.

>  We use extraction keytab as srvtab file .. That`s good???????????
>  That`s keytab equal to srvtab file that need to CISCO router????????

I don't know (haven't tried) what file format the router expects
(there are at least two versions). But in principle you should be able
to do:

        kerberos srvtab remote hostname filename

I don't know if it groks the tftp URL syntax. But also note that
getting the key via TFTP isn't very secure, since it's open for anyone
to sniff.