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Re: Authorization

>>>>> "Frank" == Frank Cusack <fcusack@iconnet.net> writes:

    Frank> Sure, lots. :) Most notably security-wise, most sites will
    Frank> use an insecure back-end authorization service (eg: NIS).

Good point. Previously, I never thought of this information as
authorization, but guess you are right.  Anyone know how protocols
like LDAP compare? Can LDAP be used with Kerberos?

>>>>> "Leif" == Leif Johansson <leifj@it.su.se> writes:

    Leif> What about GAA API? Is that "mature" enough to warrant an
    Leif> implementation in heimdal (with a suitable authorizaion
    Leif> server somewhere)?

What is GAA? Anyone know a good reference (eg URL)?

Brian May <bmay@csse.monash.edu.au>