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Re: ftp mget hangs

Brian May <bmay@csse.monash.edu.au> writes:
> Has anyone else had problems with the "mget" option under ftp?

Not to my knowledge.

> I have reproduced this problem with 0.2a and 0.2c.
> ftp> debug
> Debugging on (debug=1).
> ftp> mget *
> ftp: setsockopt SO_DEBUG (ignored): Permission denied
> ---> EPRT |1||1036|
> ---> NLST *
> <hangs>
> This is on Debian Linux (slink).

What kernel version is that?

I didn't manage to reproduce it on 2.2.13.  Did you do anything else?
Did you login using gssapi/krb4 or anonymous?  Did you do `prompt'?
Against what ftp server?