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Re: Debian package

>>>>> "Assar" == Assar Westerlund <assar@sics.se> writes:

    Assar> There are copyright notcies in all the source files and
    Assar> there's a section in the manual that contains all the
    Assar> copyright notices.  Would that do it for you?

Not sure. Currently I have tried to isolate the different copyright
notices, and put them into /usr/doc/heimdal-doc/copyright (as required
by Debian policy[1]). Hopefully that will be sufficient.  If not, I am
sure someone will tell me ;-), and I will work from it there.

I couldn't find any section in the manual containing copyright
notices, the closest was the section on acknowledgements[2]....

 [1] this is what the Debian policy says:

     Every package must be accompanied by a verbatim copy of its copyright
     and distribution license in the file
     /usr/share/doc/<package-name>/copyright.  This file must neither be
     compressed nor be a symbolic link.

 [2] the acks section has an outdated version of my E-Mail address.
 While this still should work, could somebody please change it to
 bam@snoopy.apana.org.au?  Thanks.

Brian May <bam@snoopy.apana.org.au>