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Re: Heimdal 0.2m

> Mark Murray <mark@grondar.za> writes:
> > Feature requests:
> > 
> > 1) Break out libroken into a stand-alone package, and make Heimdal
> >    and Kerberos (eBones) use that.
> Yes, this is on my TODO list.  There's other code that also uses
> (and/or would benefit from) roken.

Cool! :-)

> > 2) Clean up libdes - it now has md[45], sha and rc4 in it - not good.
> I'm not sure about this.  I think the best way is:
> - try to use openssl
> - if that's not available, build libdes + md[45],sha,rc4.  (It would
>   be nice if there was a minimal library from openssl)

That would be nice - I really don't like the way that libdes is
diverting from the "mainstream" code; it is getting harder to
maintain. FreeBSD's libdes (which I insist on using :-) ) cannot
have these extras, so I have to stash them somewhere else.

> > 3) Break libdes out into its own package - perhaps use openssl?
> openssl is missing md4.  I'm almost done add md4 to it.  Then I think
> we should just be able to use that.

Perfect solution ;-), as long as this is submitted back to the
openssl folks and not maintained as a private (diverting) branch
of your (or anyone else's) code...

Mark Murray
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