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Re: Heimdal 0.2m

Mark Murray <mark@grondar.za> writes:
> That would be nice - I really don't like the way that libdes is
> diverting from the "mainstream" code; it is getting harder to
> maintain. FreeBSD's libdes (which I insist on using :-) ) cannot
> have these extras, so I have to stash them somewhere else.

The main reason for that was the lack of any active maintainer of
libdes.  Putting our hash functions there was a mistake.

> Perfect solution ;-), as long as this is submitted back to the
> openssl folks and not maintained as a private (diverting) branch
> of your (or anyone else's) code...

Right.  The idea is to submit it to them and leave the maintaince
of that to them.  (If I were to have my own openssl-tree it's build
system would go under and be autoconfiscated...)