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Re: wish list for rsh

In message <x3rd7qhzl3a.fsf@lyell.csse.monash.edu.au>, Brian May writes:
| What version of libtool supports AIX?
| Ok, I see the following in the libtool documentation:
| Some platforms, such as AIX, do not even allow you this
| flexibility. In order to build a shared library, it must be entirely
| self-contained (that is, have references only to symbols that are
| found in the .lo files or the specified -l libraries), and you need to
| specify the -no-undefined flag. By default, libtool builds only static
| libraries on these kinds of platforms.

Recent libtool can build shared libraries on AIX in at least some cases.  It 
will refuse if it can't meet the requirements, however.

| not very good. Does AIX have any support for PAM (or similar)?

IBM has their own setup for this, for which documentation is not easily 
available apparently.  It's a pain in the butt.

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