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Re: cvs gserver & heimdal

At 11:03 PM 2/16/00 +0100, Assar Westerlund wrote:
>"Kurt D. Zeilenga" <Kurt@OpenLDAP.org> writes:
>> Yeah... I'd be happy if the cvs client would just print a nasty
>> gram and quit rather than abort'ing via an assert().
>That's easy enough, but for it to be useful I would like it to
>actually print the error message it gets back from the server.  And in
>this case it reads two bytes thinking it's the length of the gss token
>but it's actually the first two characters of the error string from
>the other end.

As the problem appears to be the gserver protocol itself...
it might be better to move this discussion over to CVS
developer/bug list...