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Kerberos & Integration between Linux and Win2K

Deal all,

I am a student at the polytechnic faculty of Rotterdam(the Netherlands) and
I am busy with a research about interoperability between Win2K en Linux. I
want to let a Linux user connect to the domain controller of Win2000
(server) and be authenticated by the kerberos on the Win2k machine. That is
the first phase. On the next phase, the user should get a service ticket
voor the printer or files which is on the Win2000 machine. I know the the
second phase is not easy because of SID number which is places inside the
authority field of the ticket. Now my question is whether it is possible to
authenticate a Linux user with the Win2000 machine or not. and if the answer
is yes, then which configuration should I use. By the way, is there another
kerberos package voor Linux in  Europe except heimdal.( I use heimdal 0.2q-1
voor redhat 6.1 on intel pro.)
I wil  appreciate if someone would send me some more information or some URL
which is relevant to this subject.   	

Sincerely yours,

Mehrdad Rowshanbin