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krb5 server as a slave for krb4

I have a krb4 server (running kth krb-0.10.1) which has been happily
providing version 4 authentication services for some time. I have got a
krb5 server up and running (heimdal-0.2r linked with krb-1.0.1). All is
fine and dandy. However, when I try making the krb5 server a slave for the
krb4 realm, hpropd dies with a bad sendauth version error. I cannot see
what I am doing wrong though the documentation is rather terse. Any help
would be appreciated.

Graeme Wood                                 Email: Graeme.Wood@ucs.ed.ac.uk
Unix Systems Support                        Phone: +44 131 650 5003
The University of Edinburgh                 Fax:   +44 131 650 6552