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Re: Draft minutes, Adelaide CAT session

David Margrave <davidma@amazon.com> writes:
> I wasn't at adelaide, but as a user (not an implementer) I can say that
> microsoft&cybersafe being non-interoperable with MIT&Heimdal in this regard
> would be very disappointing.   What choice do I have for interoperable
> etypes > 56 bit DES?  Microsoft uses RC4-HMAC which nobody else supports,
> Cybersafe uses 3DES without key derivation which nobody else supports to my
> knowledge.

I've started implementing RC4-HMAC but haven't gotten anything that
interoperates with w2k yet.  And if Microsoft and/or Cybersafe starts
using 3DES without key-derivation we'll add it in Heimdal to be able
to interoperate with them, but I would prefer that everybody plays the
same 3DES game.

This is getting off-topic for the CAT list, so please move it over to
the Heimdal mailing list for further implementation-discussions.