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more q's on multiple salted keys kaserver and afs


I tried to apply the patch from Johan adding support for the default_keys
but 0.2t and 20000607 seems to be missing 'strsep_copy' (somewhere in roken
perhaps ?). A few questions wrtt:

1. Are you guys about to release a new version with this patch included and
   if not could someone post a patch including strsep_copy?

2. I am setting up an afs-cell and am sadly unable to get klog (or klog.krb)
   to work with heimdal kdc w kaserver support -- getting "password incorrect".
   I think I need klog to work be able to get win32 transarc clients to play 
   nice (kauth/afslog works ok with afs3.6 on uni*es btw) ... I suspect the 
   problem is that my principals lack afs3 salted keys. How does that theory 

3. If badly salted keys are the indeed the problem would the aforementioned
   patch fix the problem if I recreated my users or am I barking up the wrong

4. I know that heimdal builds ok with cygwin but does the afslog kafs stuff
   work on the win32 platform with transarcs cache manager ? That would be
   truly magnificent.

	Cheers Leif

Leif Johansson				Phone: +46 8 164541		
IT- and media services
Stockholm University 			email: leifj@it.su.se 	

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