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Re: more q's on multiple salted keys kaserver and afs

Well, I set up my NT box and rolled in Tramsarc NT client version 3.6 but was
unable to get tickets even after applying the patch which started this thread.
I set up my default_keys with v5 v4 and afs3-salt:<my cell> and made a new 
principal for myself and verified using get --long that it did indeed receive
a set of afs3-salted keys.

This is the situation:

1. Tramsarc klog from a unix-box doesn't work (password incorrect). Don't know
   why yet and it doesn't matter much since I use kauth instead. Tramsarc 
   klog.krb also does not work by the way ...

2. The arla (arla-pre34) klog (and of course heimdal/kth-krb kauth) works!

3. Transarc NT klog does not work. Getting password incorrect there aswell.
   After inserting some extra fprintfs in kdc/connect.c I was able to find
   that transarc klog/unix does indeed produce something which is sent to 
   do_kaserver in kdc/kaserver.c but the NT client produces something which 
   is interpreted as a V4 request by kdc/connect.c:process_request ! Is it 
   just me or is that very confusing?

I also dug around some in the NT client headerfiles and it seems like the
pioctl is the same so it should in principle be possible to probe for the 
transarc dll's and headerfiles and just call this pioctl from k_pioctl but
I guess that would be less than optimal since it depends on the transarc
libraries in this case...

	Cheers Leif

Leif Johansson				Phone: +46 8 164541		
IT- and media services
Stockholm University 			email: leifj@it.su.se 	

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