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Re: more q's on multiple salted keys kaserver and afs

>3. Transarc NT klog does not work. Getting password incorrect there aswell.
>   After inserting some extra fprintfs in kdc/connect.c I was able to find
>   that transarc klog/unix does indeed produce something which is sent to 
>   do_kaserver in kdc/kaserver.c but the NT client produces something which 
>   is interpreted as a V4 request by kdc/connect.c:process_request ! Is it 
>   just me or is that very confusing?

You've discovered one of the deep dark secrets of the NT AFS client.  The
authentication uses Kerberos 4 instead of the RX protocol.  No one really
knows why this is the case, and I agree that it's very confusing.