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another kpasswdd issue

(as you might guess I'm hammering kpasswdd rather hard for the work we're

in kpasswd/kpasswdd.c there's code commented:
     * Compare with the first key to see if it already has been
     * changed.  If it hasn't, store the new key in the database and
     * string2key all the rest of them.
which goes on to do that

problem is, if we added more key types to the config so the user would
pick up new key types, changing the password to itself won't do anything
because this check short-circuits it. it's useful not to reset the time if
they're not changing their password, but we need the extra keys to appear.

like my previous 2 issues i know how i can fix it but i'm hoping for some
guidance from the people who actually can commit code so i don't implement
a conflicting solution